Sunday, May 3, 2015 we had our first golf clinic at Hovermale Driving Range in Ft. Washington, organized by Bro. Raymond Butts, of James H. Hill Lodge No. 16. Our clinic was taught by Edward A. Williams, of Pennsylvania a golf pro on the senior tour, his assistances were Donald William, Carl Lyons and Bro. Keith Young (L16) and Bro. Charles Thomas Chisolm (L25). Our team consist of 10 members of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras Knights: Clarence Berry, Rahim Ballard, Charles Chisolm, Malachi Hammond, Arndre TJ Hudson, Cameron, Kemp, Nyko Okoyo, Steffone Threatt, Hassan White and nine members of Phyllis S. Byrd Youth Fraternity: Princess Amber Goffney, Jy’Niqua Harris, Ardia Jackson, KaNiya Jackson, Chandler Martin, J’Aine Rudolph, Brionna Talley, Selena Talley, and Alaina Wheeler. This was the first lesson for 98 percent of our youth. They learned that golf is one of the oldest sports in America. It is the only sport where each competitor is the referee, player, equipment handler, and ambassador.

Mr. Donald Williams told our youth, “Golf is a thinking game. It takes planning; it’s a game of misses. You plan for perfection then accept what happens just like in life.” Langston golf course on Benning Road was the location of our youths first time on an 18-hole course. Before we began playing at Langston Golf Course we taught our youth the history of the course. As you can guess most thought it was named after Poet Langston Hughes. However they learned that Historic Langston Golf Course established in 1939, Washington, D. C. is named for John Mercer Langston, an African American man that was the first dean of the Howard University School of Law, the first president of Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute (now Virginia State University), and the first African American elected to the United States Congress from Virginia.

During our fourth clinic Brother Keith Youth stressed the importance of golf etiquette, fairness, and goodwill towards your fellow competitor. He also discussed proper attire for the golf course. WGD Arnold E. Hudson, Sr. GYD Catrice R. Vandross, SK Raymond Butts, Bro. Thomas Chisolm and Bro. Keith Young agree that they want to make the game of golf as accessible to our youth as other youth sports such as baseball, basketball, football and soccer. They are striving to provide our youth with a golf program that eliminates all the obstacles that could discourage them from learning and continuing to play golf while instilling in them an understanding of golf's rules, etiquette and history. On Saturday, May 30, 2015 the OKP and PSBYF golf team traveled to Harrisburg, PA to participate in the Frank S. Brown Golf Tournament hosted by Pennsylvania State Association and Sportsman’s Golf course.

Our children’s entry fee was covered by the PA State Association. Our youth were placed in teams of 4; two youth and two golfers to play 18-holes. Knight Cameron Kemp and his partner won 1st place. Knight Clarence CJ Berry and Princess Amber Goffney won 2nd Place and Knight Malachi Hammond and Princess Jy’Niqua Harris won 3rd place. After the tournament our Youth were treated to a catered lunch. In the evening we attend a talent show where Knight Clarence CJ Berry, played the piano and Princess Amber Goffney recited her own poetry. But youth were presented with a cash prize.

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